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Meditating on the Beach

Awakening to
Your True Nature
Deep Dive Retreat

A Transformative Journey in Beaufort, North Carolina

9-12 August 2024

Limited Spaces Available

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Immerse Yourself in Transformation at Our Tranquil Beachfront Haven

Welcome to Awakening to Your True Nature Women's Deep Dive Retreat

in Beaufort, North Carolina!


A haven for those seeking more than just a picturesque getaway.


Our retreat goes beyond the ordinary, offering a transformative experience over four days, nestled in the lap of luxury with a private beach.

Immerse Yourself in Transformation
Led by experienced facilitators, our retreat is designed to help participants reconnect with themselves on a profound level. The itinerary is a carefully curated blend of activities aimed at nourishing the mind, body, and soul. From yoga sessions promoting balance and flexibility to inner child healing for personal growth, every moment is crafted to provide a holistic experience. Engage in ecstatic dance, cacao ceremonies, fire ceremonies, shamanic journeys, and ocean sound baths – creating a comprehensive and immersive journey of self-discovery.

Intimate and Supportive Environment
With a limited number of participants (only 8), we foster an intimate and supportive environment. This ensures that each participant can fully engage in the transformative process, making the experience personalized and impactful.

Idyllic Waterfront Escape
The Deep Dive Retreat in Beaufort, boasts a serene beach house on 1.4 private acres with panoramic views of the Pamlico Sound and Neuse River. Enjoy breathtaking sunsets and a pristine private beach for various outdoor activities.


Your Transformative Journey


Yoga Sessions: Yoga on the beach to help you find balance, strength, and flexibility. Yoga is a powerful tool for self-discovery, promoting holistic wellness by harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit. Our experienced yoga instructor will guide you through a series of poses, breathwork, and meditation, creating an immersive experience that goes beyond the physical postures. 

Dive Deep into Your Creative Waters: Sacral Chakra Immersion. Explore the profound connection between your sacral chakra, the element of water, and the boundless depths of your creative energy. Join us for an immersive experience that goes beyond, tapping into the fluidity of water to enhance your sense of pleasure and abundance.

Nurturing Your Inner Child: A Journey of Healing and Personal Growth. Our inner child carries the imprints of our past experiences, shaping the way we navigate the present and future. Through our dedicated inner child healing session, you can create a safe space to explore and heal these early wounds, fostering personal growth and emotional resilience.

Ecstatic Dance: A dynamic and spontaneous exploration of movement, rhythm, and emotion. At our retreat, we create an atmosphere where you can dance without judgment, allowing your body to be your guide in a journey of self-discovery.

Cacao Ceremony: Embark on a journey of heart-opening and soul-nourishing magic through our Cacao Ceremony. A sacred experience designed to open your heart, cultivate gratitude, and envelop you in the warmth of joy.

Ocean Fire Ceremony: The union of the ocean and fire creates a powerful synergy, symbolizing the ebb and flow of life's cycles. Our ceremony harnesses the elemental energy of the ocean waves and the flickering flames to guide you through a process of release and renewal.

Shamanic Journey: Explore your inner landscape and gain insights from the spirit world. A shamanic journey is an ancient practice that involves entering an altered state of consciousness to connect with the spiritual realm. Guided by our experienced shaman, you'll embark on an inner quest, accessing the wisdom of the spirit world for guidance, healing, and self-discovery.

Ocean Sound Bath: Immerse yourself in the healing power of the waves as they create a symphony of serenity, guiding you towards profound relaxation and inner peace. The gentle rhythm of ocean waves is a natural balm for the soul. Our ocean sound baths harness the therapeutic qualities of these soothing sounds, creating an immersive experience that resonates with the calming essence of the sea.

Meditation Practices: We offer transformative meditation practices designed to guide you into a state of profound stillness, reduce stress, and enhance self-awareness. Join for journeys of inner peace and self-discovery through our carefully curated meditation sessions.

Secure Your Spot Today!

As the retreat has limited space and operates on a first-come, first-served basis, we encourage interested individuals to secure their spot promptly.

Don't miss the chance to transform your life. Join us at The Awakening to Your True Nature Deep Dive Retreat for an unforgettable experience that transcends the ordinary and opens the door to profound self-discovery.

Get Your FREE Retreat Guide

To provide further details and assistance, we offer a FREE Retreat Guide. This comprehensive guide includes information on scheduling, accommodations, meals, and pricing. Our organizers are accommodating of dietary restrictions or preferences, reinforcing our commitment to creating a positive and inclusive environment.

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